Auth0 Integration

Enhance Your Authentication Process

What is Auth0?

Auth0 is a service from Okta ( that provides a flexible, solution to authenticate and authorize users. It will enhance your authentication process, making it a lot smoother for your users. Auth0 helps consolidate the user authentication process across all applications from an enterprise using a standard Single Sign On process.

It also eases the integration with other identity providers (eg. organizational identity providers) and does that using standard protocols such as Open ID Connect and SAML which allows to integrate with high number of different identity providers.

Why Auth0?

You can use your existing IDP and self-manage your own users. That allows to re-use all the existing security policies (eg. organizational security policies) that the organization implements for all their enterprise applications for the Exerp applications. Such security policies can involve:

  1. Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication
  2. Password Policies
  3. Auto deletion of user accounts after a period of inactivity etc.

The Benefits of Auth0 Integration

Authenticate all users across your organization with a barrier-free, customizable login experience.

Single Sign On means one login. Reduce risk and increase productivity.

Authenticate securely and efficiently via email, SMS, or magic link.

User account reconciliation across all platforms.

Important Items to Note:

  • Both local and federated (SAML2.0 and 0IDC connections) will be supported.
  • It will be single tenant and each Exerp customer will have a dedicated tenant.
  • It will only support authentication (authorization will be done from the client).
  • It will be supported in all Exerp applications: Exerp Client, Exerp GO, Exerp APIs.