Fitness Business Intelligence

Transform Your Data
Into Smart Actions

Knowledge is the key to your growth and improvement. Exerp BI and reporting provide the member insights you need to identify trends and patterns in order to sharpen your business to a point. With quick, iterative, data-driven learnings you’ll gain advantages you need to retain and recruit your ideal members, building your brand, and building your business. 

Exerp BI and Reporting –
Enhance Member Experiences and Your Brand

No matter the company size or how much data you’ve collected, Exerp BI and reporting easily gets you the insights needed to drive more value to members, improve operations, and protect your brand.

Fitness Reporting On Your Requirements

  • Web-based standard metrics, dashboards, and reports
  • Exerp Authentication and Access control 
  • Custom metrics and definitions
  • Custom reports
  • Consolidate all data including 3rd party data.
  • Facebook and Google analytics data 
  • Row level security
  • Hourly refreshes
  • Automated report delivery via email, SFTP, and other channels

From a Thousand Feet to Inches,
Get Focused Member Insights

All  Your Data in One Place

Exerp’s data warehouse provides you with secured access to centralised, structured, clean, near real-time data

  • Dedicated Redshift data warehouse. 
  • Replication of production data at least every 5 minutes
  • Reporting schema enabling easy plug-in of your own reporting solution
  • Easy to use data source for your data team.

Innovate Faster

At Exerp, we provide a number of solutions to assist our clients with Lean Methodology.  Lean methodology is a common process used by companies to innovate quickly and effectively via iteratively building and testing new ideas to meet the needs of customers.

  • Exerp’s global, experienced consultants and network of clients can help you identify opportunities early on
  • Exerp’s Data Warehouse provides easy, secure access to all Exerp data across your entire chain in near-real-time
  • We provide mature reporting capabilities both to help gather insights on members and evaluate performance of your test solutions
  • Finally, we provide multiple features to help clients easily build, test, and then rollout solutions enterprise-wide. Here are a few examples:
    • Exerp’s flexible, robust, and configurable product catalog allows administrators to easily build new offerings without Exerp development
    • Exerp’s automation toolset allows new offerings to be deployed to test clubs and then rolled out across the chain without additional manual work for staff
    • Clients also often leverage our club hierarchy to define which clubs to test and rollout new products and services