A Fitness Partner in Forward Progress


September 10, 2019

As the “UK’s favourite gym” PureGym strives “to help more people in more places to lead healthier lives every day.”

With that goal in mind, they needed a partner with big aspirations and experience to make it a reality. They selected Exerp in 2013 and have seen consistent growth since. Following is an excerpt from a Q&A session with PureGym CTO, Daniel Glyde, about their decision.

Why did you decide to partner with Exerp over other technology companies?

We were already on a high growth trajectory when we set out to identify a member management system partner in 2013 that would share our vision and grow with us. Exerp was able to demonstrate how it could facilitate this need with its market-leading product and experienced inhouse engineering teams.

How has your partnership with Exerp benefited your business?

The website and mobile app are differentiators for our business, which creates demand for our in-house engineering team. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have partners that are able to support our rapid development processes. Exerp is able to provide this through the ability for its engineers to work closely with PureGym engineers from the very start of a new feature’s development.

What are your favorite features of Exerp’s technology?

There are three main elements of the Exerp system that we utilize. First, the client application enables member services to assist with queries efficiently, and the configuration team can set up new clubs, products and pricing in real-time. Second, the reporting capability provides finance colleague
with a detailed view of data, providing valuable insight. And third, the API enables the websites and mobile apps to communicate with Exerp, reducing the amount of complex logic required in the customer-facing applications.

How would you describe Exerp’s quality of customer service?

We provide and will continue to provide an excellent digital experience for our customers. This makes us a demanding client for Exerp.
However, Rune, our account manager, is a credit to Exerp. He understands our business model, has a detailed understanding of what their IT team is
working on, and is able to facilitate access to Exerp’s engineers to work through creative solutions to complex problems.

Why should other club operators consider working with Exerp?

To move quickly, develop the business model and be a disruptor, it is vital to select a management system partner like Exerp that can work with your engineering teams at a pace that doesn’t impact your progression to provide a great experience for increasingly demanding and discerning customers.


This article was originally published in Club Solutions Magazine’s September 2019 issue:  link