Challenges for Large Fitness Operators


November 2, 2021

Large operators need to adapt and transform their business at an even more accelerated pace due to the current environment. Many of them, however, are running into challenges compounded by the size of their business.

Examples include:

▪ Executing large-scale operational changes (ex: membership freezes/unfreezes, changes to class capacities, member communications)
▪ Supporting operations with fewer staff
▪ Transforming their product and service offerings
▪ Running effective marketing and CRM campaigns
▪ Extending their brand outside the traditional walls of the club
▪ Empowering members with self-service like online booking and payments


An operator’s ability to overcome these challenges heavily depends on their club management system (CMS), the IT backbone of their business.  Unfortunately, large operators often run on non-enterprise CMS platforms – solutions not purpose-built to scale to multiple clubs, to streamline processes with automation and governance, to enable the level of BI/reporting maturity required of the business, and to support a wide array of products and services. The result for these large operators is frustration across members, staff, leadership and shareholders as these challenges are addressed poorly, slowly or not at all.


Exerp, the leading CMS for large fitness chains and multipurpose clubs, is helping some of the largest and most recognized brands across the globe survive and thrive in this environment. Exerp offers:

▪ A platform with streamlining, control and scalability built into its core.
▪ Hosting of the full member journey in a single, comprehensive and flexible system — simplifying IT setup, minimizing costs and ensuring branded member experiences at every step.
▪ Scheduling and booking across all your offerings: fitness classes, book-a-bike, personal and group training, nutrition coaching, aquatics, racquet sports, kids camps, etc.
▪ Unparalleled billing, BI/reporting and integration capabilities.
▪ Fixed license fees that do NOT include transaction or other variable fees!
▪ A strategic partnership empowering each client with heavy influence in Exerp’s product roadmap, access to Exerp’s expert consultants and network of leaders in the industry, and continuous innovation to move at the speed of the market.
▪ Web and app-based solutions for members to enable self-service.

Interested in how you can transform your large fitness operation with a best-in-class CMS?

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