How Exerp Assists in Fueling GoodLife’s Success


February 11, 2020

When Mike Marsman, Director of IT at GoodLife was looking for a partner to help manage their 300-plus locations, he knew that they needed more than technology, but a team that was committed to their needs and success. That’s what they found with Exerp.

Why did you decide to partner with Exerp?

We were well aware of the complexities involved with club management systems, having built our own solution to manage our 300-plus locations. It was important we partner with the right team. We ultimately felt Exerp had the strongest reputation for being able to
deliver solutions that a large club operator, like GoodLife, could depend on.

How has your partnership with Exerp benefited your business?

From an IT perspective, we’ve been able to shift our team’s focus away from building and maintaining our legacy club management system, to focusing on extending our own internal systems and integrating with other solutions and vendors. Exerp gave us a clean foundation to work from. The rollout also allowed us to put a lens toward components of our infrastructure that were in need of improvement, which
has since helped with the successful rollout of other important initiatives. From a business perspective, there were a number of projects on our roadmap that the Exerp solution allowed us to “flip the switch” on. We’ve been able to shift gears in several areas and quickly raise the bar.

What are your favorite features of their technology?

Exerp’s solution is built in such a way that it gives us a lot of control over how it’s configured and used. Being cloud-hosted, the infrastructure has proven to be stable and reliable. My favorite feature is that, while Exerp actively looks for ways to help GoodLife efficiently use the platform, they’re doing that with their other clients as well. The collective optimizations made for one client become part of the system as a whole, and ultimately available to everyone.

Why should other club operators consider working with Exerp?

When selecting a partner, you need to be really thoughtful about finding the right fit, as well as feeling confident you are entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. We needed to feel confident the team at Exerp understood our business, were fully invested in our success, and had expertise and insights that could drive us forward. When we chose Exerp, we didn’t just select a platform solution, we chose their team, their partnership, and their commitment to our shared success.

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