Exerp Product News – December 2023

Charlotte Hitchcock

January 16, 2024

Welcome to the Exerp product update, where you can discover the latest features and improvements!

Improvements in the Join Flow for Exerp Web Apps

Our dedicated team has been hard at work over the past months to enhance the join flow for Exerp Web Apps. We have introduced a range of improvements to elevate functionality and give you greater control over the user interface (UI).

Improvements for Product Group Filters

– Option to have a preselected product group filter: We have simplified the process for members by automatically preselecting the popular product group filter. This makes it effortless for users to find what they are looking for.

– Customizable color, font, and font size for product group filters: We now offer the flexibility to change the color, font, and font size for the product group filters. Customize the look and feel of your filters to align with your brand identity.

Exerp product card

Improvements for Product Cards

– Option to have ‘Most popular’ membership preselected: To optimize user experience, we automatically preselect the popular membership option, ensuring that members are promptly directed to the membership that offers the most value.

– Display two memberships side by side in mobile view: We have optimized the mobile user experience by presenting memberships side by side. This facilitates easy comparison for members and ensures a seamless decision-making process.

Customize Selling Points (Development in Progress)

We are currently working on enabling the customization of selling points, allowing you to further tailor the join flow to your needs. Stay tuned for this exciting development!

Improvements for Campaigns

– Promo code moved to the top of the page: Now, when members input the campaign code, they can instantly see their updated overview of memberships, including applicable discounts. This ensures that members can fully appreciate the enhanced value of the campaign.

– Display straplines with campaign information: Enhance the join flow by including compelling straplines that align seamlessly with your current campaign. Provide valuable information to your logged-in members with distinct straplines that enhance their engagement.

Other Improvements

– Add images for add-ons: Elevate the user interface by incorporating images for add-ons. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides an intuitive way to communicate the benefits and access associated with each add-on.

– Summary banner: Activate the summary banner to empower members with a constant overview of their selected membership, add-ons, and clip card details throughout the join flow. This includes transparent pricing information, providing a clear picture of their choices.

– Sell clip cards in the join flow: Whether as part of a campaign or a regular process, we now empower members to seamlessly select a clip card during the join flow. All details are captured in a single, streamlined experience.

– Customize look and feel with CSS file: To ensure seamless alignment with your company’s branding, tailor the join flow to your brand identity by customizing colors and fonts with a CSS file.