Streamlining Debt Payments for SATS: Exerp’s ‘Pay Debt Online’ Solution

Charlotte Hitchcock

April 19, 2024

Debt collection and payment processing are critical aspects of gym management that require seamless, streamlined solutions.

In this case study, we delve into how SATS (Fresh Fitness), one of the leading fitness chains in Europe, successfully streamlined their debt payment process by implementing Exerp’s innovative Pay Debt Online solution.

Randi Pettersson – IT Application Manager, talks to us on how SATS (Fresh Fitness) leveraged Exerp’s cutting-edge technology to enhance their financial operations and improve member satisfaction.

When did you implement Pay Debt Online?

May 2023 for Fresh Fitness.

How did the implementation go?

It was easy and fast, so for Fresh Fitness – very good.

Did you have any challenges before implementing web apps pay debt online?

Yes, if the member didn’t have a valid payment agreement, they couldn’t pay anywhere before they got to the debt collection agency. They had to wait. That was the most challenging thing before.

What were some of the challenges of implementation and how were they resolved?

There were no big challenges, we just wanted the member to pay what we wanted them to – and we managed to fix that.

What were some benefits of implementation?

It’s very easy for the member to pay. They can just go into ‘My page’ to see what to pay and make payment directly. It’s very easy for them. It works perfectly.

The best thing about this set up is that we get a good customer service from it. As a company we now get the money faster with no hassle and no other agency involved. We collect a lot of money now. So, for us it is a huge success.

What was feedback like on implementation?

They’re very happy about it. It’s easy for them to pay – most of the members do want to pay their debt! Very good feedback from our members.

Is there anything else you would like to ad about Pay Debt Online?

I have been talking about this solution for a couple of years now – and now we have it, it is the success I imagined. If you work in customer care you know you’ll get these questions – where to pay? How to pay? What to pay? If you have this solution, it’s so much easier. For customer care, this is very good news.

How would you describe Exerp?

Exerp is a system with a lot of opportunities. You can do so many things to benefit your club. You can add membership you want, features you want, campaigns you want and it’s all in one system so you can track everything.

Exerp has a lot of good API solutions that can talk to other solutions. There are plenty of solutions already built for you – bring a friend, pay debt online etc.

It works and that’s the most important thing, that it actually works – in the centre and back office.

How would you describe the support you get from the Exerp team?

I have a very good relationship with the Exerp team, and the management team. We try to help each other. If I have any problems, I always get fast help.