VivaGym Group rolls out Exerp in Spain


September 7, 2020

The VivaGym Group, Fitness leader in Iberia and Exerp, provider for 1/3 of IHRSA Global 25 companies, have announced today the successful rollout of the Exerp solution in VivaGym Spain.

This alliance has been part of an ambitious plan to reach pre-pandemic numbers. The sales-per-day record from previous years has been broken 7 times during September thanks to the work of the VG teams supported with the reliability and scalability of the implemented Exerp solution.

The stability and features of the system, and the expertise and professionalism of the team, are key aspects for VivaGym Group key departments such as Operations, Marketing and Sales to reach their goals.

The next steps will cover the rollout in the Portuguese market (Fitness Hut) and centralise the solution across the group and, at the same time, driving value from Exerp in VivaGym Spain.

VivaGym can now confidently reactivate the growth plans with a target of reaching out to 300 clubs, 1 million subscribers and be operating in three countries.

“Implementing a new system across an international business in a short period of time was always going to be a challenge. I knew Exerp would provide a project team that was extremely professional with extensive product and industry knowledge” says Andy Robinson, CIO at The VivaGym Group.

“Time–to–market solutions are critical for the success of a technology investment. I find that Exerp understands well the meaning of “sense of urgency” and reliability,” says Juan del Río, CEO at The VivaGym Group.

“We are proud to partner with the VivaGym Group and support a continuation of their impressive growth. It has been very inspiring to work so closely and we are looking forward to the next steps with FitnessHut,” says Brian Sørensen, CBO at Exerp.

The benefits of this new partnership include

– Efficiency of scale to both brands
– Flexibility to manage products, prices, and marketing campaigns
– Quicker reaction to changing market conditions
– Improved member experience through all the channels

About Viva Gym ( VivaGym was founded in 2011, with the support of expert fitness investors from the United Kingdom. Since its creation, the Company has established itself as one of the main operators of ‘Low-cost gyms’ in Spain.

About Fitness Hut ( Fitness Hut was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. The company has enjoyed constant growth year after year in Portugal.

About Exerp: Exerp is a global IT specialist in member management solutions for the fitness and leisure industry. By focusing on the needs of large enterprises, where streamlining, control and scalability are essential, we have developed a vast knowledge of the business requirements that underlie the operations of some of the world’s largest and most recognised fitness operators. With the Exerp Solution, our aim is to transform our clients’ businesses by reducing cost, promoting simplicity and fundamentally changing the way they interact with their members.