Enterprise Booking

One Booking Solution for Every
Member, Every Class, Every Thing

Confusion. Inefficiency. Data risks. Eliminate all of that and streamline your process with one complete booking solution for all your needs. Your members get a smooth, streamlined booking experience. Your staff benefit from an optimized workflow that lets them work more efficiently from anywhere. The result is reduced operational costs and maximized revenue streams. 

Multiple Systems, Mass Confusion

Having several booking systems leads to inconsistent member experiences and inefficiencies across the business. With one solution to span your diverse and rigorous booking needs, you can streamline the booking experience, reduce operational costs and improve data security by having your member data in one place. 

Multiple Booking Systems Before:

  • Frustrating member and staff experience
  • Expensive and inefficient
  • Increased risk exposure

Exerp Single Solution After:

  • Streamlined user-friendly interface
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Minimize access points and exposure

Empower Members

It’s a mobile world, especially for your fitness members. Enable them to book, reschedule and cancel from any device (like they expect) while you motivate them through push notifications, online training progress, and group suggestions to enhance the member journey.

Untether Staff

Enabling staff to manage the club from anywhere ensures that your ideas and plans are executed. This helps you monitor and control booking and payments to maximize revenue streams. You can also deploy automated marketing campaigns, freeing your staff to focus on members and other tasks. And because it’s all in one place, you can access and view performance to improve processes and engagement.

Booking Examples

Group Fitness | Personal Training | Group Training | Racquet Sports | Aquatics | Club Events | Assessments | Yoga | Pilates | Nutrition Coaching |
Spa/Tanning | Semester classes | Basketball | Triathlons | Rock Climbing | Kids Camps | Child Care | Birthday Parties
And much more…