Member and Lead Management

From Leads to Loyalty: Create Your
Ideal Member Experience

Strengthen the member lifecycle with the ability to manage your incoming leads and current members at your fingertips. Exerp offers a range of point-of-sale, workflow, and campaign tools that work with your processes to engage your members and ensure a unique, seamless experience.

Exerp Enables You To:

  • Capture, nurture, and convert more leads
  • Upsell members with relevant products, services, and add-ons
  • Identify at-risk and high-value members for appropriate communications
  • Automate and streamline workflows to engage members and leads
  • Enable member self-service
  • Drive revenue with dynamic pricing
  • Configure member-friendly payment options
  • Stay connected with push notifications
  • Build loyalty with family memberships

Exerp Covers the Entire Member Journey

Direct Your Ideal Member Journey

Member journeys aren’t linear and include multiple touchpoints. That means every interaction needs to deliver your brand’s standards.  Exerp brings the journey you want to create to life – and scales it to meet your needs.

So Many Touchpoints. So Many Capabilities.

Exerp’s experience means we understand what clubs need to connect with leads and members. That’s why we host the most comprehensive feature set on the market, making it easy for you to create member journeys that are unique to your club and your members. 

Front Desk

Make the check-in experience fluid and personalized. You can even automatically show members their scheduled activities at the club.

Point of Sale

Keeping the money and staff resources organized is critical. Exerp enables you to create employee sale logs and integrate seamlessly with payment terminals, card readers, cameras, and access control.

Prospecting Tools

Start every member journey on brand with technology that helps reduce time spent and streamline the process.

Automatic Discounts

Take control of your pricing and offers with the ability to apply discounts to specific clubs, members or your entire operation.

Campaigns and Promotions

Simplify operations and save time by creating and launching any campaign – from start-up to bundles – directly in the system.

Empower Member Self-Directed Experiences

Exerp enables you to quickly and easily adapt to changing customer needs. Let them create their ideal membership by selecting the membership type, add-ons, and payment options that fit their needs. Self-service capabilities lift responsibilities from your staff and allow them to make additional purchases, upgrade their membership, freeze their account, and much more from their own device.

Kickstart Business and Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are taking a vested interest in the health of their employees for good reason. Currently, approximately 70% of companies have some form of a wellness program, while 90% to 95% of large corporations offer programs that look at employee well-being. Exerp’s vast experience and scalability make launching and running these programs second nature. From corporate sponsorships and discounts to simplified product catalogs to eligibility verification, discover how Exerp can facilitate your corporate programs.