Partners for Growth

Exerp is committed to making your business more efficient, stronger, and helping you reach your goals, whatever it takes. That’s why we offer an open API and allow integrations that enable you to make decisions that differentiate your offering and brand. That’s also why we partner and integrate with select like-minded vendors in the fitness industry – to help our members succeed.

Payment Processing Partners

Adyen is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and consumers’ globally preferred payment methods. Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. With Adyen, Exerp users get a powerful checkout with global technology and a local insight.

Contact: Gustav Hähle – SVP Sales, Northern Europe 

Mobile App Partners

Innovatise’s myFitApp is an open, flexible, hybrid fitness platform gyms, leisure centres and health clubs use to strengthen their brand, retain members, acquire new ones and deliver digital fitness using the unique power of mobile. Its deep integration with Exerp provides seamless user experiences for members and its flexibility gives the leisure operator the control to update the member journey themselves, any time.

With over 2,300 gyms and over 10M App downloads worldwide, Innovatise is the leader in providing marketing-focused, branded apps for gyms.

Mywellness is a suite of innovative digital products helping you manage your business and improve your customers lifestyle, keeping them active in the gym, at home, and wherever they are. The services include personalised training plans, videos, online personal training, integration to many lifestyle apps, fitness tracking and integration to Technogym fitness equipment. In addition, the integration with Exerp allows Mywellness users to; Sign up as members, Book classes, Buy and book PT sessions, Manage membership, class and PT bookings.

Contact: Fransesco Arlotti – Head of Digital Solution Sales

EGYM is a global fitness technology leader that provides fitness and health facilities with intelligent workout solutions built on a robust ecosystem of connected gym equipment and software.

EGYM empowers gym operators to deliver a comprehensive workout experience through its smart gym equipment and digital solutions to support their members’ fitness journey and provide data-based guidance to help them stay motivated and achieve their goal of a healthier life with improved physical and mental wellness.

Contact: Danny Woods – Director of Account Services

FunXtion is the only full-service digital fitness solution provider that empowers gyms and businesses with the essential tools to keep up with the rapid digitalization of the fitness eco-system.

Funxtion’s world class virtual fitness content and smart digital delivery solutions enable companies to transform from vulnerable, traditional models to modern, resilient brands built around client-centric values, convenience, and accessibility. FunXtion’s innovative technology is proven to drive retention rates, generate new sales opportunities, and satisfy customers both old and new, inside and outside the facility, 24/7

Our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to more people by harnessing the power of technology, while simultaneously ensuring traditional facilities remain at the very heart of the fitness experience.

Our technology creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, enhancing the customer journey by delivering a seamless, premium exercise experience that meets people’s needs wherever they may be – in your facilities or elsewhere.

We know that many operators already have an app and don’t want to start again from scratch. We also know that consumers increasingly expect their gym’s digital platform to include a good selection of on-demand workout content. Our software integration resolves this by allowing you to offer a library of high quality fitness classes provided by us, all within your own branded app.’

Contact Exerp to get the full list of supported/integrated hardware and payment options

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Partner

Agillic empowers brands to create superior and profitable customer experiences through relevant, personalised and automated communication. With Agillic, you can execute personalised communication across channels – including email, SMS, app push and paid media – from a single platform.

Agillic has a unique customer-centric data structure at the heart of the platform. The data models and personalisation rules make it possible to activate content across channels and adapt the communication to each customer’s profile.

Featuring a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, Agillic has made it easy to execute data-driven, personalised and automated communication that creates value for the customer and the brand.

Contact: Bo Sannung – CCO

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