Exerp Payments

Simplify and Scale Your Payments

More doesn’t have to mean more complex. Exerp Payments enables you to take payments your way – credit cards, ACH (direct debit), invoicing, installment plans, and much more – without weighing you down with additional fees or unnecessary processes.

Exerp Billing-
Billing The Way You’d Create It

Exerp enables you to choose the payment gateway with the best rates. Exerp’s standard cost model also doesn’t skim off your revenue for our business. Even better, Exerp is the only CMS offering Dynamic Credit Card Surcharges, allowing you to pass credit card fees onto your members if you desire!

Recoup All of Your Fees

Some club management systems collect billing fees (ex: late fees) charged to your members.  With Exerp, all fees go directly to you.

Streamline Operations

Exerp enables you to automate the FULL billing cycle and run billing with minimal staff.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

With a single system of record and process, you’ll stop losing revenue due to poor governance and operational control.

Beat the Best Conversion

While conversion rates of 95%-98% within 60 days of initial billing submissions are often considered exceptional, Exerp customers consistently do better. 

Exerp Point of Sale (POS) – POS on Point

Being easy to do business is a critical ability today. Exerp POS makes it easy for members to do business with you and facilitates and empowers everything you need on the backend.

Eliminate Friction

Exerp makes it easy for members to pay across all sales channels, in their own language and currency. Use any of the most common and popular payment methods: credit card, card on file, cash, check, AliPay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc.

Increase Basket Size

Make the most of every customer interaction with robust promotion, campaign, discount, and bundling capabilities. Empower staff with a simple and intuitive UI to upsell, cross-sell, park a cart, sell on behalf of someone else, print/send receipts, execute refunds, etc.

Real-Time Inventory

Keep complete track of the financial and physical flow of your retail products. From the management of your suppliers, deliveries, internal usage to faulty products and write-offs, get an instant overview of your stock values and keep your finance system updated daily.

Exerp Payment Advantages Run Deep

In addition to the points above, Exerp Payments delivers the following benefits.


Enable members to change their own payment information, pay off debt, view statements, receive automated notifications about their payments, and much more.

POS Integrations

Simplify reconciling your cash registers by integrating Exerp with your credit card terminals. Exerp also enables omnichannel sales through its API.

Corporate Billing

Partner with local businesses and incentivize their employees to connect with your club. 

Partner with Leaders

We are not a payment company, enabling us to partner with global payment leaders to deliver a single payment platform that helps you grow your revenue online, on mobile and in the club.